2009. november 4., szerda

EU: Final conference of the e-BIZ-TCF project on 20-21 October 2009 in Brussels

Over 120 participants from 20 countires gathered at the eBIZ-TCF conference on 20-21 October in Brussels presentig the results of the first truly European initiative for e-business harmonisation in the fashion industry.

The 30 speakers discussed their experience with eBusiness adoption in their Textile, Clothing and Footwear companies or retail operations and IT providers shared challenges and best practises from e-business implementations with customers. Some exemplary representatives of the 150 pilot companies from across Europe which have tested the eBIZ solution as part of the project work, clearly expressed their satisfaction with the results achieved and their intention to extend the eBIZ adoption towards their supply chain partners.

Points highlighted by both speakers and the audience generally converged on the expected scenario for future e-business roll-out in the European fashion industry supply-chains. It is expected that a critical mass of adopters will soon be reached. This will finally end the "old way" of inefficient fax and phone communications, endless paper processing or repetitive and costly manual data input operators, moving the industry towards fully digitally-integrated supply chains in which data flows quickly and seamlessly between companies' ERP systems.

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